Apart from voice and dialogue sound in film often is a neglected part of the creative process. However, it is due to the auditory dimension that the actions shown on screen get the necessary emotional depth and make the audience laugh - or cry at the crucial moments. Aside from the score the selection and composition of sounds, acoustic atmospheres and effects already can have a strong emotional impact - especially if they are used beyond their function as mere acoustic equivalents to visual actions. At the same time music and sound design often mingle to a complex auditory structure that prevents a definite distinction of all its elements. Playing with these elements and their effects is what thrills me about audio post production, especially sound design in film.



By participating in various seminars and film projects during my studies I've had the possibility to gain experience in the different steps of film sound production in theory and practice over the course of several semesters.


This involves:



  • developping a sound concept based on the script
  • examining locations from a acoustic perspective
  • assembling the equipment accordingly


Production / on set

  • choosing and placing the microphones in the right spots
  • working as sound mixer or boom operator and recording dialogue, wild tracks and room tones
  • operating the hard disc recorder
  • making back ups and writing sound reports



Because of the excellent facilities and equipment offered at the Stuttgart Media University I've had the possibility to work in a professional studio environment.

  • editing and revising production recordings
  • conducting and integrating subsequent voice recordings and ADR (automated dialog replacement)
  • performing and recording Foley sounds
  • creating and arranging sound effects and acoustic atmospheres
  • composing and recording the score
  • combining all acoustic elements of the soundtrack in the final mix (stereo and surround, for cinema and DVD)




2008 - 2011 | studies of "Electronic Media / Media Design" (Master of Arts) at the Stuttgart Media University | major fields of study: audio (post) production for film, sound engineering, film-making

2005 - 2008 | studies of "Popular Music and Media" (Bachelor of Arts) at the University of Paderborn | major fields of study: musicology, media science, music theory, arrangement and production, journalism, cultural management

2003 - 2004 | Au pair in N.J. | USA

2003 | graduating from the Gymnasium Sonthofen

1998 - 2003 | active member of the Youth Wind Orchestra Sonthofen | instruments: concert flute & piano (Winner of the German Orchestra Contest in 2000)

1984 | born in Kempten (Allgäu) in Southern Germany